A Brief Introduction of the Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion week, originated in 1910, was sponsored by the French Fashion Association. Founded in the late 19th century, the French Fashion Association aims to establish Paris as the world’s fashion capital. They help new designers get in, organize and coordinate the Paris Fashion week calendar to get buyers and fashion reporters to watch every show as much as possible.

Paris Fashion Week is part of the global “Big 4” fashion weeks, the others being London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. The schedule begins with New York, followed by London, and then Milan and ends in Paris.

With the influence of the French Fashion Association, Carrousel du Louvreand Jardindes Tu ileries, the Louvre Hall of the Louvre in Carous, it has been opened as an official showrooms. They promote every designer who will appear at fashion week to the media and buyers around the world. In today’s rampant counterfeiting, there are piracy to combat piracy, to “made in France” escort.

Even during World War II, the French Fashion Association did not stop Paris Fashion week. By then, however, fashion-conscious people had gone to New York, far from World War II gunsmoke. However, after the war ended, Christian Dior’s “New look” made his appearance and immediately reclaimed the lost ground for Paris.

Fashion weeks in Milan and London are quite conservative, they prefer the local design,  outside designers enjoy a less acceptance,but the feeling of expatriates is still strong, and the New York Fashion week commercial atmosphere is too strong. Only Paris is really absorbing the world’s fashion elite. Almost every monastery of fashion designers from Japan, Britain and Belgium has entered the world through Paris.

A perfect show aims to firmly and accurately transmit a brand image. How many clothing orders can be received, and can bring the company real gold and silver perfume, cosmetics, accessories sales, And relatively cheap basic sales are the real task of the 20-minute show-it’s creating a fashion dream for admirers. New York showcases business, Milan showcases skills, London shows bravery-only Paris, show dreams.

The big fashion week is divided into two parts of autumn and winter (2,3 month) and spring and summer (9,10 month). Each time in about one month, more than 300 fashion conferences will be held one after another. The time is not certain, but all of them are released during this period.

Although the first fashion week was held in New York, the event itself derives from “salon shows” (“défilés de mode” in French, literally “fashion parades”) in Paris couture salons.

A fashion week consists of a week of organized events of multiple designer’s collections. Before this organized event was recognized in New York City, fashion showings were being held in Paris as early as the 1700s. These early showings were only to clients purchasing items and were shown on mannequins. In the 1800s, showings began to change. Charles Frederick Worth, noted for haute couture, began showing multiple pieces together and of a higher design. Jeanne Paquin is the first designer to make her showings public and Paul Poiret is the first to host parties after his events.

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