Dream and Style of the Fashion Week

The French Fashion Association, which embrace a wide mind, does not require Lssey Miyake, CommedesGarcons and YohjiYamamot, unique Japanese designers to promote the “French style”, and not turn them into another highly commercialized RalphLauren. Association and even help CommedesGarcons get $100 million. On the contrary, the acceptance of “foreigners” in Milan and London is not high, the feeling of living is still strong, and the commercial atmosphere in New York is too heavy, only Paris is really absorbing. The world’s fashion elite.  Almost every monastery of fashion designers from Japan, Britain and Belgium has entered the world through Paris. Since last season, Chinese designer Xie Feng and his Jefen brand have also been involved in Paris Fashion week. Ma Ke and her brand, Useless, were the popular Chinese designers at Paris Fashion week this season.

Against this backdrop, Patrick Vivienne Westwood and John Gallianoo Alexander McQueenn Hussein Chalayan, the most talented Britons, have traveled east, where the Antwerp six Gentlemen have succeeded. A typical counterexample is Helmut Lang-an Austrian minimalist godfather who made his fortune in Paris. After HelmutLang was acquired by Prada, he said goodbye to Paris and met with a wall in Milan and New York. Duration 9 Seven years of Paris Fashion week probably never thought that the original “small fashion products promotion” would have evolved into what it is today. A fashion show has long been far removed from the commodity trade and has become a stagework of entertainment, drama, and performance art. God knows John Galliano’s outerwear made of expensive pythons, ostrich wings and fox skins will appear in ChristianDior’s boutique, and who’s going to buy Alaxa’s clothes of tomorrow made up of “whimsical tricks” in their boutiques?!? How much is nderMcQueen’s new Cleopatra outfit?

Paris Fashion week has always been the end of the world’s four fashion weeks.  At the Paris Fashion week, it is not difficult to find that loose and comfortable clothes that will be the most important popular silhouette this autumn and winter. The style of elaborate embroidery, bead ornaments, and metal rivets has obviously decreased. Instead, the cut-off, soft lines of French style amorous feelings, showing a strong and soft woman.

Louis Vuitton follows the Grunge style that director of design Marc Jacobs excels best, the clothing is obviously a bigger size than ever, but skillfully melts into the asymmetry and cannot help but to grasp the fold, rebuilds the woman’s body layout, the clothing is not ironed mostly, and may see the thick needle suture trace. Lang Fan shows the perfect ratio of the same, Langfan also draws inspiration from handsome men’s wear, men’s black suit, small bow tie, a A character coat and dress. He said, this season’s focus is on proportions and levels, with coats and skirts in the same style, with the only difference being “proportion.” But. It is the perfect proportion that makes women comfortable and confident.

Chanel’s new dress in this season is also quite very much, with a strong heavy metal rock style, miniskirts, knee-high boots, tight, short heavy metal jackets and long shirts, a long mix, and the level and proportion of the dress. The greatest advantage is the ability to effectively mask the disadvantages of the body.

Gaudiya, Herm è s incarnation of female soldiers is a good wear and matching uniform, and also favored by designers. Jean Paul Gaultierne, Herm è s, Hermes, and so on, can all be found in military jackets, wide belts, boots and other popular elements, especially in the autumn and winter, but also in the autumn and winter. With it, the woman immediately incarnates into a brave female soldier. The waist is straighter.

On his own brand, Gautier cleverly wore a waistband as wide as a vest on the outside of the suit, allowing women to dress freely and confidently; but in his Herm è s dress, he switched to Western swords and equestrian costumes. Interpret this clothing brand, knight coat, comfortable knit blouse and fur shawl to show the elegance of women.

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