Your Need to Know the Seven Popular Styles in Fashion Week

Balman Style

Olivier Rousteing has been in charge of Balmain for nearly a year. Balmain’s style has not changed dramatically compared with the previous one. Balmain girls in trousers, short boots, motorcycle jackets are still unchanging and have lost some of the rebellious and unruly rock temperament. More royal noble and hegemonic. Christophe Decarnin, our most common “golden armour”, became a “Olivier Rousteing” pearl suit in autumn and winter of 2012.

Neutral Simplicity

This season neutral style clothing is popular, the simple and casual clothing method also gradually receives the feminine favors. The neutral style coat in the simple and stylish, but also pay attention to the strong line,which is the most fashionable symbol of the moment. In addition, the suit coat can be said to be the representative of the neutral wind, in the “Paris Fashion week 2010 autumn and winter” brands of the catwalk, handsome long suit coat is this year’s autumn and winter theme. The design, with a very simple style, smooth tailoring, slick waistline, straight fabrics, meticulous detail, creates a never outdated neutral classic style coat, revealing a handsome style.

French Romanticism

French romanticism attaches importance to dress color and emotion as well as the atmosphere and aesthetic feeling of body walking. During the Paris Fashion week of 2010, some French brands showed their feminine romantic temperament, with rich decorative means, fluff, tassels, embroidery, lace, pleats, lotus leaf edges, bows, flowers and ornaments, etc. With beautiful elements. light fabric, elegant color and the performance of women’s unique sensitivity and temperament. Women’s clothing popular fabrics are soft cotton fabric, more densely woven white hemp cloth, gauze, concave and convex silk fabric, jacquard silk fabric, lattice, striped light Woolen fabric and embroidered cicadas. The overall feeling of French romantic clothing is light and elegant, bringing a new romantic, charming, sexy, soft and even luxury flavor, which is suitable for the needs of the small class lifestyle.


When architectural elements are applied to clothing design, clothing is like a piece of hyperbolic buildings, integrated with the city we live in. Whether it is a very powerful geometry, or soft or sharp lines, all around the body to deduce a very strong sense of the structure of modern clothing totem. Belt decoration adds simple outline details. Hat and neck line design to enhance the overall architectural feel. Architectural style women’s wear emphasizes the perfect unity of hardness and strength. When tight trousers and waistline jackets meet wide, vertical neckline design, the whole shape of the contour changes in a moment, forming the new dress building contours. In the same way, the color of high saturation, accompanied by arbitrary and elegant lines, can also create architectural style profiles, with a tight black sweater that accentuates the design tension of the coat.

Urban modern

The embodiment of the most stylish elements, leading in the forefront of the trend, which is the reveal “urban modern” style. For example, the designer Christophe Decarnini, who has been popular in recent seasons, is now one of the brightest and most active designers in fashion circles. His signature high shoulder pads have succeeded in blowing up the women’s strongman trend, a $9000 Balman (Balmain) jacket. It was amazing to be stripped off the shelves to settle the bill. Christophe Decarning, a sweet taste, continues to choose the shoulder line with the sharp angle slightly up as main design in the Balmain 2010 autumn and winter women’s, adding the palace feeling of exquisite craftsmanship rich brocade that embraces the urban modern style 80’s ornate rock style attack to come!

Grandiose Taste

Using hyperbole, extremely high saturation color, in the mix,to create a grand and interesting catwalk scene. Exaggeration, brightness, and styling are the hallmarks of this style, like Vivienne Westwood, known for her punk godmother. She, in the autumn and winter of 2010, staged a female version of the pirate style of the mixed play.

Ethnic Flavor

The ethos,originated in the hippie wave of the 1970s, is still in the ascendant today. With its unique exotic style, it has become the favorite of the fashion world. The autumn and winter national style of 2010 relies on exaggerated accessories and complicated patterns. Changeable animal markings and mysterious totem printing strong return, in the big runway. Designers draw inspiration from different cultures, subtly integrate the national elements of every continent into fashion design, and combine with modern style to create fashion items with visual impact and connotation.

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